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Journey of Objects

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The JoB box is a testament to our commitment to bringing balanced, nuanced and impartial news, from where the story unfolds. While Object identifies itself as a fashion magazine, we use fashion as a discipline to better understand the society we live in. Our first issue is centred around tribes and their clothing, exploring notions of home and identity. In the subsequent issue, we dive deep into the secular legacy of cloth and follow the journey of silk along the famed silk route.   Our mini issue is a response to the chaos in Palestine and the barbarity of brute violence unleashed upon a besieged people. Along with our magazines and mini issue, this box includes a Tweed Laptop Case by Journey of Objects. The material of the case has been sourced from France and is made by the very same artisans that produce Chanel's tweed. The case itself is handcrafted by artisans in India. With The Conflict Box, we delve into the delicate act of balancing fashion—an industry often looked upon with frivolity—with serious journalism. Because at Object, fashion starts at the field, in the hands of the farmer. 

Fits all!
Issue I and II are hand-bound and hardback
The cover has a cut-out feature, with foldable maps, photo stories, interviews and more
The Mini Issue is Object's take on what a Sunday newspaper can look like and features, investigations and fashion side-by-side


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