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Journey of Objects

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The OG of Object magazine, years in planning and months in the making. This hardcover, hand-bound magazine features an exposed bind and cut-out element. It features an investigative essay on the impact of rapid development in style across Kutch, the district hailed as the testing ground for what would later be known as the "Modi miracle." Then there is fashion photography from Avani Rai, styling by Devanshi Tuli, and beautiful makeup by Elton Fernandez on Kirandeep Chahal. Not one to shy away from cerebral matters, Object speaks with Dana Thomas in an interview and has a wonderfully written essay by Edward Simpson, an academic and expert on development and its consequences in Gujarat. The real showcase is a story on a woman from Rajkot who leads a weaving cluster that wove its way to Hailey Bieber's head on Vogue America.

Fits most except for those who question the secular principles guiding India
For those who are open to looking at fashion beyond cuts, silhouettes and trends
Object is a thinking person's fashion magazine


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