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The JoB box is what happens when reporters hit the road, with designers, researchers, and curators, to discover the wares of India. The Nomad Box is a bounteous offering featuring the finest from Kutch to Kullu; cashmere to brocade; for your head and home. Our commitment to our Journalism of Touch extends in this keepsake where each product features a story found in the pages of Object magazine. Our work with master weavers, craft clusters, and self-help groups, translates into products that are not simply a nod to our cultural heritage, but a means to modernise traditional objects for the contemporary, discerning customer.

The JoB box is made for every you and every me
It has no size bias, nor style
The Banarasi brocade pouch should be laundered
The lining is made of recycled plastic and can be wiped with a cloth
The Merino wool throw should be laundered. The Rajkot beanie, crochet jhola bag and handblock table linen
can be tossed into your washing machine
The Parisienne cushion cover should be laundered


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